Cardan shafts

Cardan shafts

Applications :

Steel , Pulp + Paper, Railway, Marine Propulsion


Our cardan shaft range contains a wide variety of products for various applications, covering a torque range from 2.400 – 16.300.000 Nm.

There are basically two types of cardan shafts which have evolved into a worldwide technology standard. The main difference lies in the design of the bearing eye.

Closed bearing eye:
This is a design used mainly in the mobile sector and for general mechanical engineering applications (GWB Series 687/688 and 587).

Split bearing eye:
Developed for heavy and super-heavy-duty applications, this design (GWB Series 390/392/393 and 492/498), provides compact dimensions, in conjunction with a maximum torque transmission capability and greatly improved service life, apart from facilitating maintenance and assembly operations.

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22 January 2015


Cardan shafts